91.4% of contracts in Hego Euskal Herria were temporary in 2021

Jan 04, 2022
The data offered by the Spanish Ministry of Work show that in spite of the drop in unemployment, there is still significant job insecurity. ELA denounces that the triumphalist declarations hide the insecure reality of the jobs.


The publication of the monthly employment data has been turned into a race to emphasise any possible positive aspect. However, the latest data supplied by the Ministry of Work makes widespread job insecurity obvious, along with the lack of cover to which the unemployed are condemned.


In 2021, 91.4% of the contracts recorded in the ACBC and Navarra were temporary: over 1,100.00 temporary contracts were signed, mostly evading the law. And the data published regarding the lack of protection to which unemployed people are subjected shows a very bleak reality: only one out of every four people that the system considers to be unemployed received a contributory allowance. That is to say, over 83,000 unemployed people in Hego Euskal Herria do not receive any unemployment allowance, not even assistance benefit.


ELA also denounces that the labour reform does not effectively tackle the extension of temporary contracts. The Government has also yielded to the pressure by the employers’ associations on this aspect. Therefore, the trade union demands that the labour reform published as a Royal Decree-Law must not be given the go-ahead. Creating employment, avoiding its destruction and guaranteeing quality jobs require a very different legislative framework to the one that has been agreed upon in this misnamed ‘social dialogue’.