Congress Newsletter

Jul 04, 2017

Through this link you will find ELA´s (Basque Workers´Solidarity) 14th Federal Congress Newsletter, which was held on 15th and 16th June 2017. The Newsletter´s sections are the followings: Welcome and introduction to ELA International Delegation Programme/General Programme ELA´s features Proposal for the Executive Committee The Main Paper/Resolutions Interview to Amaia Muñoa, ELA´s Treasurer about its economic features.

The Executive Committee's Management report unanimously approved

Jun 29, 2017

The 736 congress delegates have unanimously approved the management report presented by the Executive Committee. The report was presented during the morning on behalf of the outgoing Executive Committee by Adolfo Muñoz –Secretary General, and Amaia Muñoa – Deputy Secretary General.

The General Presentation approved in its entirety

Jun 29, 2017

The trade union delegates who are taking part in the Congress have unanimously approved the General Presentation presented by the National Committee. The discourse defines ELA's strategic principles for the next four years. Note: The General Presentation debated and voted on may be downloaded from this web site.

ELA is strengthening its economic independence: 93% of its revenue comes from membership dues

May 10, 2017

ELA is strengthening its economic independence: 93% of its revenue comes from membership dues. In a unique example of transparency, ELA has brought together professionals from different means of communications in Bilbao this morning to check its membership information and the accuracy and integrity of all the information made public by the trade union could be certified.

European trade unions statement in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers

May 08, 2017

On 17 April 2017 around 1500 Palestinian political prisoners announced the beginning of an open hunger strike. Striking prisoners are calling for an end to Israel’s practice of abuse, solitary confinement, torture, medical negligence and denial of rights guaranteed under international law—including the right to a fair trial and visitation by family.

“We defend our trade union independence in order to influence politics as well”

May 04, 2017

Thousands of people – over 12,000 have seconded the actions called by ELA in Bilbao and Iruñea for the First of May. People who, with their feet firmly on the ground, have claimed our right to change things to obtain a fairer and more solidary Euskal Herria.

ELA took part in the public event for the disarmament in Baiona and it is showing its contentment that the process was completed successfully

Apr 12, 2017

ELA took part in the public disarmament event in Baiona, and it is showing its contentment that the process was completed successfully. Txiki Muñoz (secretary general of ELA) and Joxe Elorrieta (ex-secretary general) were amongst the 120 leading figures who took part in the main event. Additionally, hundreds of members of ELA supported the work carried out by the Craftsmen of Peace in Baiona.

A demonstration in defence of the Guarantee of Income

Apr 03, 2017

Thousands of people took to the streets on the 1st of April to claim the system of Guarantee of Income and against the criminalisation of those receiving it, at a demonstration called by the signatories of the Charter of Social Rights of the Basque Country.