Last weekend’s deaths at the Melilla border fence are the result of the European Union’s policies

Jun 27, 2022

The events that took place on the 24th of June, 2022 at the border between Nador and Melilla resulted in the death of many migrants, along with hundreds of injured people. The actions by the police forces, causing a massacre, have been shown around the world with the images being shared on social media and in the mainstream media. In ELA’s opinion, these deaths are the responsibility of the European Union’s policies and it urges the participation in mobilisations to reject these deaths and the hypocrisy of the border controls and the agreement between Spain and Morocco.

ELA-Gizalan will be invested in the consolidation of public employment and in dignifying care work

Jun 15, 2022

The 219 delegates of ELA’s Gizalan Federation have re-elected Igor Eizagirre as the General Secretary of the Federation at the congress held today in Burlada (Nafarroa), with the backing of 94% of the votes issued. Mitxel Lakuntza has demanded a change in taxation and real consolidation processes defending public services. The ELA-Gizalan (Public Services) Congress held at the Casa de Cultura in Burlada (Navarra) under the slogan ‘Guztiona, lehen lerrora’ (‘Above all, common to everyone’) has passed four resolutions amongst which the ones demanding the right to live and work in the Basque Country, guaranteeing some universal, free, high-quality public services (with particular emphasis on the care sectors), as well as the organisational need to systematically face up to the many labour conflicts.

Over the past five years 13,000 members of ELA have defended their labour rights using the strike fund

May 30, 2022

The strike fund has been strategic for ELA over the past 4-5 years, the General Secretary Mitxel Lakuntza affirmed at a press conference offered alongside the trade union’s treasurer, Alazne Mantxola. “Because when there is no capacity for striking, without the strike fund, the agreements the employers want are signed.” For this reason, ELA puts 1 out of every 4 euros from the members’ dues to the strike fund. That is to say, the fund receives 25% of the financial contributions made by the over 100,000 members of the trade union. 2,096 members activated ELA’s strike fund in 2021. The trade union puts one quarter of the member dues in the strike fund.

#April28: “The greater amount of temporary work, part-time contracts or poverty suffered by women have an impact on their health and they demand a different approach”

Apr 28, 2022

This 28th of April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, ELA following its campaign against insecure jobs, has put the spotlight on job insecurity in health at work borne by the female-dominated sectors and on the lack of gender perspective in the prevention of risks at work policies. Under the slogan “Here the dangerous jobs are uncountable. 311,000 women in insecure jobs,” the trade union has denounced the discrimination and insecurity that many women take on in their jobs and that are not contemplated in any risks at work evaluations.

ELA demands the Russian government to stop the war and urges negotiation and a diplomatic route to overcome it

Mar 14, 2022

In view of the dramatic warlike setting that we are facing, ELA wants to show its solidarity with all the victims of this war, particularly with the civil population that is suffering this tragedy. Likewise, we urge solidarity with the refugees, of which there are already over two million. All the people fleeing from wars need reception policies by Europe, a legal obligation for hospitality and protection that cannot depend on the origin or the nationality of the victims.

"Care means a radical change in outlook, from top to bottom. It has enormous political strength"

Mar 08, 2022

On this 8th of March, joining the demands made by the feminist movement, ELA has called for public care for everyone. In the morning it organised a central act in San Sebastian, where it analysed the care situation in Euskal Herria. After the event held in the Kursaal, a demonstration crossed the centre of San Sebastian. ELA’s militants from the Bizkaia cleaning sector concentrated at midday in the Plaza Arriaga to vindicate their struggle and highlight ELA’s trade union victories; victories that help to improve many women’s quality of life. ELA joined the marches in the afternoon that had been organised by the feminist movement.

“The fight against climate change is also a class struggle”

Feb 17, 2022

We are in the middle of an ecological and social crisis and we have no other option than to organise ourselves to get out of this predicament. To reflect on this topic, ELA and the Manu Robles-Arangiz Foundation organised a training day within the Aldaketaldia 2022 initiative. Three people gave speeches: Ainhoa Plazaola –Head of Environmental Matters at ELA; Mikel Gómez –a member of the Sukar Horia initiative and Yayo Herrero –an engineer, researcher and eco-feminist activist.

ELA will intensify the fight in the work centres against nationalisation and the dismissals that the labour reform continues to allow

Feb 10, 2022

Just a few days after the labour reform was passed so bizarrely in the Congress, ELA has analysed the new situation and the collective bargaining panorama for 2022, which will concentrate on the 93 sectorial agreements open (of which 71 are in the ACBC and 22 in Navarra), in addition to another 404 company agreements (73 in Navarra). The trade union’s goal has not varied after the passing of the reform – which basically consolidates the reform laid down by Rajoy in 2012 – and it will concentrate on fighting against job insecurity, closing the salary gap and at least guaranteeing the CPI. To do this, ELA has no other option than to intensify its fight in the work centres and to bring a halt in all the sectors to the ravages of nationalisation and collective redundancies, two advantages that the Spanish Government, UGT and CCOO have once again granted to employers.

ELA denounces that the minimum wage has lost three points of purchasing power in 2022

Feb 09, 2022

ELA denounces that the Inter-professional Minimum Wage is only going to rise by 3.6% in 2022, while last year’s inflation rate reached 6.5%. Therefore, the IMW is going to lose almost three points of purchasing power (specifically 2.9 points). The agreement reached by the Government, CCOO and UGT shows that it is imposing a salary devaluation policy and that social dialogue is a curb to the interests of the working class.

Zaldibar: remember and clarify responsibilities #Zaldibarargitu

Feb 09, 2022

On the second anniversary of the collapse of the Zaldibar refuse dump, ELA has convened protests at the doors of its head offices to ensure that what happened on the 6th of February, 2020 is never forgotten and to demand for the responsibilities to be clarified.

Novaltia – 900 days on strike

Jan 07, 2022

The longest strike in Europe continues owing to the refusal by the company’s management to negotiate and to the fact that the Labour Inspection Authority has refused to pursue and seriously sanction the company for its constant violations of the strikers’ rights.

International greetings to the XV ELA Congress

Nov 24, 2021

Although we did not have them physically with us during our XV Congress, our friends from the international arena sent us greetings on video and in writing. Here the messages we have received in video format.

Mitxel Lakuntza is re-elected as Secretary General of ELA, with 90.69% of the votes

Nov 25, 2021

Mitxel Lakuntza Vicario has been re-elected as Secretary General of ELA with 90.69% of the votes. The list for the new Executive Committee headed by Lakuntza was the only one presented at this 15th Confederate Congress. Additionally, the delegates meeting in Bilbao adopted by acclamation the Presentation that marks out the trade union’s strategic lines for the next four years.

Follow live ELA's XV Congress

Nov 23, 2021

ELA will broadcast from its website the XV Confederal Congress live via streaming. In addition, this website will carry out a detailed follow-up of the Congress.

ELA denounces that the attack on pensions is getting worse

Nov 12, 2021

ELA complains that Sánchez’s Government, the EU, the CEOE employers association, UGT and CCOO continue taking steps against revaluation according to the CPI and to impose future cut backs with a new MEI. For this reason, they are calling for mobilisations on the 13th of November (pensioners) and on the 1st of December (trade union majority) to put pressure on the PNV, Bildu and Podemos in the Congress.

ELA has increased its membership by 2,000 people since the previous Congress (total figure: 100,925)

Oct 18, 2021

Today, in the presence of a group of journalists from different means of communication, ELA has certified the trade union’s real membership figures, in a unique exercise of transparency in Euskal Herria, as it has put the direct checking of the real membership data at the disposal of the guests, always with the corresponding personal data protection. Accordingly, it has been verified that ELA has 100, 925 members, which means an increase of almost 2,000 contributing members compared to the data collected at the 2017 Congress (at that point there were 98,960 members). This exercise is normally carried out in the weeks running up to the congress, which in this case will take place on the 24th and 25th of November in Bilbao.

ELA is taking to the streets on the 24th of October to put the brakes on the pension cutbacks and to repeal the labour reform

Oct 12, 2021

Under the slogan 'Don’t sell us out in Madrid. No to the pension cutbacks. Repeal the labour reform,’ ELA will take to the streets en masse on the 24th of October in Bilbao, Donostia, Irun and Gasteiz, (11.30 am) to demand that the PNV, EH Bildu and Podemos rework the pension cutbacks and champion the repeal of the labour reform. The aim of the mobilisation is to increase the pressure against the steps that Sanchez’s Government wants to pass over the next few months: pension cutbacks and a new labour reform that intends to maintain the most harmful elements that were imposed by Zapatero (2010) and Rajoy (2012). For this reason, ELA is calling on the entire working class to demonstrate in these four capital cities.

ELA has signed the agreement with Tubacex, which prevents 129 redundancies, after over 8 months on strike

Oct 04, 2021

ELA decided to sign the end of strike agreement at Tubacex and in this way, prevent the 129 redundancies that the company wanted to impose and additionally, the judicial channels in the Supreme Court are closed, therefore, this achievement has now been guaranteed. Over 70% of the members of ELA at Tubacex have ratified the signing of the agreement. Following the process agreed on at the time by the committee, this result has been pooled with the other trade unions, whose respective members, as a whole, have also approved the signing. In this way, the majority of the people taking part in the strike (which has lasted over 8 months) have ratified the agreement.