An embrace for people, persons and human rights #abrazada

May 07, 2019
ELA is joining the European initiative, fostered by the Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak association, which will take place in Durango on the 5th of May.

On the 26th of May, elections for the European Parliament will be held. In Europe, as in other places around the world, the growth being experienced by extreme right wing parties at each election is already concerning. This is the context in which hundreds of European organisations have fostered the initiative “The Embrace of the People”, aimed at condemning the migratory policies held by the European Union and of the governments that form it at the elections to the European Parliament.

In Euskal Herria, the responsibility for promoting this process has been taken on by the Ongi Etorri Errefuxiatuak platform. Therefore, the initiative organised for the 5th of May consists of the following: a simultaneous group hug in the squares and outside the town halls of the towns and cities around Europe. ELA has joined this initiative and is calling all its members to take part in it.   

The event, in Euskal Herria, takes place in Durango, at midday and for the day before, the 4th of May, hugs have been organised in different towns.

Many Europeans will join together in a solidary embrace on the 5th of May. But this campaign is not limited to a symbolic act to celebrate a single day: the idea is for a campaign to raise human awareness in order to create a welcoming environment of free circulation for refugees in Europe.

As indicated in the initiative’s manifesto, a stand must be made against these racist and discriminatory institutional policies. The neo fascist forces and their followers want to take advantage of the failure of the so-called “Social Europe” to impose their policies that are enemies to both democracy and to human rights. These cruel initiatives must be stopped and another social model promoted.