Business ahead of the Environment

Jun 07, 2018
On World Environment Day, ELA organised a seminar in the Tabakalera room, in Donostia, under the slogan ‘Euskalinstituzioenpolitikak: Negozioa BAI. Ingurumena EZ’, "The policies of the Basque institutions: business YES, environment NO", the trade union has denounced the environmental policies that the public administrations are carrying ou

The first to take the floor were Mikel Noval and Ainhara Plazaola, in charge of the environmental area at ELA, who explained the trade union’s policies on this subject. They were followed by Igor Meltxor and Ainhoa Intxaurrandieta, who in their talk offered a reflection on the corruption behind the Guipuzcoa incinerator.

“It is high time Basque corruption was talked about; there is corruption here as well and we must put names to it. The Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa is a clear example of this, where different interests were brought together: political, economic…”

Accordingly, ELA wanted to show its solidarity with Ainhoa Intxaurrandieta and Iñaki Errazkin, both sentenced in the case of the Guipuzcoa incinerator for taking a stand against the interests of the capital.

The next to take the floor was Urko Apaolaza, the author of the book ‘Zuloan... Bidaia bat AHT etalan-esplotazioanbarrena’ ("In the hole..."), a book carried out jointly by Apaolaza and the Fundación Manu Robles-Arangiz. This book includes, for the first time, the exploitation of the workers on the High Speed Railway works.

Apaolaza has confirmed that “it has helped him to understand how the trade union works”, at the same time as positively assessing the work shared between trade unions and independent means of communication.

Finally, a mention was made for the ‘Pueblo de las Alternativas’ – AlternatibenHerria (Alternative People). Maria Balda, a participant in the seminar’s organisation that took place in Iruña on the 2nd of June, also appreciated the festive day of demands, as a basis to weave networks and alliances for the future.