Campaing against poverty and precariousness

Feb 06, 2014
ELA, alongsinde with other Trade Unions and social organizations of the GUNE alliance, has announced a "Campaign for Dignity ", a campaign to mobilize and claim which seeks to demand to public authorities a radical policy change.

Under the slogan " They push us to impoverishment and precariousness. Our own way in the Basque Country " demonstrations have been called in the four capitals of the Southern Basque Country for the 6, 14, 20 and 27 February. The 3rd of March , there will be a big demonstration in Bilbao, coinciding with an international economic summit and on the 22nd of March a rally will be held in Madrid, with other unions and social organizations of the State.

We have repeatedly denounced the anti-social policies that have been implemented leading to the impoverishment of the majority of the population, which favors the enrichment of a minority. Enrichment that is the result of the unequal distribution of wealth, the degradation and destruction of employment, the denial of health care to certain groups of the population, the privatization of public services, the energy policy that leaves people without electricity and heating, the cutting and reduction of social benefits, the denial of the right to housing...

Insecurity, poverty, vulnerability, uncertainty, cutting rights, seasonality, forced migration ... They are essential elements of an unjust economic system based on exploitation and on a social system where social inequalities are growing. Exploitation and inequality baited especially among women.

In this situation, we
decided to campaign for dignity, a campaign of mobilization and claim to demand a radical policy change. We will develop a dynamic against precariousness and poverty . This dynamic is part of the need for deeper changes, as we are proposing in the process of drafting a Letter of social rights of the Basque Country .