Demonstrations against this system that is killing us and making us ill

May 03, 2021
On the 28th of April, the International Health and Safety at Work Day, thousands of trade union delegates from ELA, LAB, Steilas, ESK, EHNE and HIRU took to the streets of the Basque capital cities to demonstrate against this system that is killing us and making us ill and to demand public policies that put life at the centre of everything.

These trade unions, in addition to paying homage to the people who have died over last year and those who lost their health in their jobs, victims of job insecurity, wanted to acknowledge the work of all the workers who have been, and who are still on the front line during the coronavirus pandemic. These people, the great majority women, who continue to be exposed to a high contagion risk, in many cases without the correct safety measures. “It is a priority that the social recognition and applause during the lockdown is translated into an improvement in their working conditions and to do this, it is urgent to nationalise the essential services, bring an end to the incredibly high rate of temporary jobs in the healthcare system and stop doing business with the care system,” they commented.
After reporting the generalised worsening in the health and living conditions of the working classes, these trade unions have demanded the repeal of the labour reforms and to increase the public resources assigned to controlling the safety conditions in the work centres.
To this effect, they have harshly criticised the dire management of the pandemic carried out by the public institutions, designed in collusion with the employers’ associations, and which has meant an unknown amount of contagions and deaths. ELA, LAB, Steilas, ESK, EHNE and HIRU have demanded that the means allocated to inspection work is equalised to the EU average and that the public administrations work as labour and healthcare authority over the production system once and for all.