ELA calls a week of strikes and protests

Oct 18, 2013
The week of October 21-25 will be a week of protests and strikes in the the Basque Country. ELA calls workers to mobilize, particularly those who have not closed their company or sectorial collective agreements.

The labor and collective bargaining reforms led by Mariano Rajoy in February 2012 have worsened the world of work, especially the collective bargaining: among other changes, company agreements now have priority over sector agreements, state agreements prevail over territorial sector agreements, which changes the previous situation and it is easier for companies not to apply the approved agreements, even in the case of company agreements. Moreover, the automatic extension of expired agreements has been limited, so it is essential that the agreements that are signed have good content and its application is guaranteed .

The management is committed in the full implementation of the reform, has no intention to dampen its consequences. These are historical demands of them and now that they have been granted they have no intention of giving them up. They want to continue devaluing working conditions, and will use all political and legal resources they have.

ELA calls a week of action to take steps to deal with the reforms in the workplaces, advance in the organization, go in depth in the debate and reflection, bring up alternatives and get agreements in those workplaces where they have not yet their own collective agreement.