ELA completely rejects the Supreme Court’s judgement that sentences the Catalan independence leaders to very long periods of imprisonment

Oct 15, 2019
The sentence is exactly in line with the socialist Government’s position, which took on (as did Rajoy), the order dictated by King Felipe VI two days after the referendum, demanding the powers of the State “to guarantee constitutional order.”

For the monarchy, the question involved repressing the most important political expression of republicanism and democracy since the political transition, obliterating some of its political leaders in order to do this. Therefore, King Felipe VI demanded the unity of intent and action of the powers of the State and of the security forces. A unity of action, which to our eternal shame, enjoys the applause of the main media groups, economic powers and international and European institutions.

In ELA’s opinion, however, no court ruling is going to solve the political conflict set forth by a nation such as Catalonia that is fighting to be recognised. This is the hub of the question that the State has decided to tackle, systematically breaching fundamental rights. For this reason, this is also a sentence against Euskal Herria, as it intends to make an example of the leaders of parties, institutions and social movements committed to sovereignty.

ELA wishes to express its solidarity with the convicted persons, their families and the bodies and institutions they represent. And as an expression of this solidarity and of our rejection of the ruling, it is calling for participation in the mobilisations that will take placed over this week:

The noisy concentrations convened by Gure Esku for today, Monday in all the towns and districts.

The concentrations in companies and industrial estates called for Friday by the trade union majority.

The national demonstration that will be held in San Sebastian on Saturday.