ELA demands the repeal of the Law on Foreigners

Mar 21, 2023
On the 21st of March, due to the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, ELA held a rally in Bilbao to request the repeal of the Law on Foreigners that seriously violates the rights of migrants.

Refusing a work permit until three years have passed results in irregularity and insecurity for all the people who decide, or who are obliged to leave their places of origin. Additionally, the reform to the regulation carried out in August to aid the regularisation of migrants in work-related areas only sought to make it easier for recruiting cheap labour, which is an extremely serious factor. ELA demands a real change through the regularisation of migrants and the repeal of the Law on Foreigners.

This Law contributes to stigmatising migrants, condemning them to be second-class citizens, making access to basic rights such as health care and education more difficult.

We are also denouncing that the deaths occurring during the transit of the people who decide to leave their places of origin, or those that occur on the borders at the hands of the Spanish police force form part of the same framework.

Over the week before the 21st of March, ELA carried out a campaign under the slogan “Eskubide guztiak guztiontzat (All the rights for all the people). Law on Foreigners =Insecurity,” in which they gathered testimonies from militants from the trade union who had experienced the impacts and obstacles to which the Law on Foreigners condemns them.

The campaign ended with a rally in front of the Spanish Government Offices in Bilbao, the main body responsible for these policies. Dozens of people from the trade union gathered to denounce the institutional racism that is expressed through the abovementioned legislation.