ELA has signed the agreement with Tubacex, which prevents 129 redundancies, after over 8 months on strike

Oct 04, 2021
ELA decided to sign the end of strike agreement at Tubacex and in this way, prevent the 129 redundancies that the company wanted to impose and additionally, the judicial channels in the Supreme Court are closed, therefore, this achievement has now been guaranteed. Over 70% of the members of ELA at Tubacex have ratified the signing of the agreement. Following the process agreed on at the time by the committee, this result has been pooled with the other trade unions, whose respective members, as a whole, have also approved the signing. In this way, the majority of the people taking part in the strike (which has lasted over 8 months) have ratified the agreement.

This agreement brings an end to the conflict and withdraws the appeal before the Supreme Court that kept the annulment of the forced redundancies from the employment regulation presented by Tubacex up in the air.

ELA considers the agreement to be highly satisfactory, a result of the model fight carried out by the staff of Tubacex, with the only resort left to them by the labour reform: a strike. A historical strike, lasting almost 8 months, in which both the staff and the county of Aiaraldea have fought to keep the jobs in the company and to defend the 129 workers.

The Trade Union Section of ELA-Tubacex would like to give thanks for the support received from all the areas (colleagues from other companies, businesses, associations …), without which this agreement would not have been possible.