ELA is taking to the streets on the 24th of October to put the brakes on the pension cutbacks and to repeal the labour reform

Oct 12, 2021
Under the slogan 'Don’t sell us out in Madrid. No to the pension cutbacks. Repeal the labour reform,’ ELA will take to the streets en masse on the 24th of October in Bilbao, Donostia, Irun and Gasteiz, (11.30 am) to demand that the PNV, EH Bildu and Podemos rework the pension cutbacks and champion the repeal of the labour reform. The aim of the mobilisation is to increase the pressure against the steps that Sanchez’s Government wants to pass over the next few months: pension cutbacks and a new labour reform that intends to maintain the most harmful elements that were imposed by Zapatero (2010) and Rajoy (2012). For this reason, ELA is calling on the entire working class to demonstrate in these four capital cities.

ELA reiterates that these reforms need to be passed in Congress by a majority and today this group of independence and nationalist parties called the “governability block” can prevent the pension cutbacks and condition the labour reform. “Now, these parties can exercise a sovereignist principle such as its decision-making capacity. Unfortunately, these decisions are still made in Madrid, but these reforms can be conditioned from Euskal Herria,” the trade union underscores. For this reason, ELA has addressed the PNV, EH Bildu and Podemos (although the latter is a force belonging to the State), to ensure that they undertake to not pass any pension cutback and to defend the repeal of the labour reform. “However, the silence of these parties regarding such serious reforms is very concerning,” they lament.

Sources from the trade union add that it is crucial now to find out the contents, orientation and the dates on which these reforms are intended to be passed. ELA affirms that it will do everything possible to condition them and it is even considering the possibility of a general strike.

Do not sell us out in Madrid’ was the slogan for the mobilisations convened by the trade union in March. Months later, once again they are reiterating it, “because the Basque working class needs an explicit declaration and commitment by PNV, EH Bildu and Podemos against these reforms. The conditions of thousands of workers depend on how these reforms turn out, which today can still be stopped and conditioned.”

Therefore, ELA will take to the street in these four capital cities on the 24th of October (11.30 am).