ELA is the trade union that has obtained most representatives in 2023 and it has been consolidated as the leading union in Hego Euskal Herria (south Basque Country) (36.13%)

May 30, 2023
With the concentrated period about to come to an end, it has reached 40.79% in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (ACBC) and 23.24% in Navarra (in total, ELA has 8,920 representatives; 103 more than in December).

ELA confirms its large majority amongst the Basque working classes when the concentrated period of trade union elections is about to come to an end, as the official data at the close of April, 2023 give the union 40.79% of the total representation in the ACBC (the same as at the close of 2022) and 23.24% in Navarra (0.15% more). In this way, the total amount of ELA’s representatives in companies have reached 8,920 delegates, 103 more than at the end of last year, becoming the trade union with the most new representatives over these four months. Therefore, ELA is consolidating its advantage as the leading trade union in Hego Euskal Herria (south Basque Country): in the ACBC, not even the next two trade unions together (LAB and CCOO) have reached ELA’s representation, while in Navarra, ELA is getting increasingly closer to becoming the leading trade union (just 89 representatives behind UGT). These results were presented in Donostia today by Amaia Muñoa (Assistant Secretary General) and Joseba Villarreal (Head of Trade Union Elections).

ELA is growing in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Navarra, while in Araba it is maintaining its broad majority. Additionally, in Hego Euskal Herria (south Basque Country) as a whole, ELA has consolidated its significant advantage in the three federations (37.26% of representation in Industry and Building; 33.88% in Zerbitzua (Private services), and 36.90% in Gizalan-Public Services). Once again, the workers have given their mass support to ELA’s candidates. It is also worth emphasising that over 41% of ELA’s delegates are women, which means a four point increase compared to 2019. This progression endorses and consolidates the trade union’s work towards true gender equality and the fight against the wage gap.

Amaia Muñoa, Assistant Secretary General, underscored that “the working class continues to give its majority support to ELA’s proposal to improve living and working conditions: putting the trade union at people’s service to organise and fight in sectors and work centres (both private and public, in the case of the local governments). This work is reflected in the agreements signed in recent months, which include the best conditions in sectors such as Metal, Trade and Hotel Trade in Gipuzkoa, Care Homes and Textile Business in Bizcaia...”.

As shown by the data, “ELA is the leading trade union and it also continues to increase its representation, as it acts in an efficient way on the reality of working life, day by day, and it effectively improves people’s lives. Every day, ELA stands at the elections, in hundreds of work centres and the support and membership of the workers confirm the trade union’s commitment: every day there are more of us and every day we achieve more.”

The trade union would like to thank the thousands of people who have given them their vote and their trust, at the same time as valuing the work by the members of ELA that makes these results possible.