Eleven weeks for Athens

Mar 20, 2013
On 15 and 16 March was held in Brussels the Alter Summit Assembly, which brought together trade unions, social movements and NGOs from across Europe to take a step in the preparation of the Alter Summit to take place in Athens on 7 and 8 June.


During the Assembly decisions were made to prepare the programme of Athens; on the 7 afternoon a big assembly will take place in the Peace and Friendship Stadium for the opening of the Alter Summit, and the “Manifesto of the People” will be presented, as the result of the joint work of the organizations participating in the Alter Summit.

The next day will be dedicated to the exchange of experiences and proposals about social and environmental justice, austerity, democracy, feminism etc. And in the afternoon a demonstration will go through Athens to protest against the austerity policies being carried out in different countries of Europe and in solidaity with greek people.

Athens will be a decisive step in the creation of a European social movement.

More info: info@altersummit.eu