Fascism: Echoes from the past

Jul 04, 2018
Fascism is not complicated. Either you radically stand up against it or you end up doing what it wants. You must listen to the echoes from the past. Fascism manipulates the basest instincts. It does this when it feeds a reaction against poor immigrant people who are asking for asylum, who are fleeing climate change, starvation... Fascism sees all this as an opportunity.

Fascism becomes stronger pitting the poor against the poor and it uses adjustment policies practiced by governments of all political ideologies to do this: Greece, Italy, the Spanish State… European governments have done just this during the crisis: pitting the poor against the poor. Decent jobs against miserable ones, permanent jobs against temporary ones, public workers against private ones, men against women and everyone against the poor immigrants. The characteristic of poor must be underscored. The poor are excluded and stigmatised at the same time as all the policies used by the governments, including the Basque government, increase inequality and poverty. It should be remembered that the adjustment polices punish the disadvantaged, whether they are native or have come from outside the country.

Governments appeal for security (?). Social justice and solidarity do not appear by chance. Trump is building a wall on land and the EU is taking advantage of a natural barrier, the sea that swallows up thousands of people. And the ruling political class are carrying out a propaganda campaign to make us believe that by resolving the problem of the “Aquarius” ship, we are resolving everything. The problem is very much more serious and complicated.

Italy, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, part of the German government…. are challenging everything. “Human meat” according to the Italian Minister of the Interior, Salvina, a neo-fascist. And the leaders of the EU are setting forth the idea of stopping the immigration at its source, in Africa, creating holding centres (CIE in Spanish). It doesn’t seem to matter that they do not meet the most basic human rights.

At the same time as all this is happening, just over a month ago, an EU commissioner said, when faced by the difficulties to form a government in Italy that “the markets will show the Italians what they should vote”. Recently, the European Commissioner Dimitri Avramópulos defended the idea that what Salvini is doing (denying asylum) should not be analysed as if it were “a legal question or not”. The adjustments that cause misery are legal and mandatory. The right to asylum is not. And on the other hand, the USA ambassador, Trump’s delegate in Germany stated “I want to unconditionally strengthen other conservatives all over Europe”. Strengthening the extreme right. Previously, the secret services did these things and they remained under wraps.

Be careful! The extreme right governs in several countries and works in coalitions. A scenario that has not been seen since the 2nd World War. The truth is that if you add it all up (migratory crisis, xenophobia, adjustment policies that cause greater inequality and rise of the extreme right) it could be concluded that some people have been preparing a new reactionary coup in politics. And the Troika is part of this strategy.

Welcome refugees!