Fighting for wages is fighting for jobs

Apr 02, 2014
Under the slogan “Soldata dirua baino gehiago da – Fighting for wages is fighting for jobs”, ELA has embarked on a campaign to “face up to management’s lies”. Over the coming months, ELA is going to bring the debate on the need to increase wages to improve employment and social welfare to companies and society.

The trade union has therefore prepared different documents and a video putting its case. “Defending wages defends jobs,” stressed Adolfo Muñoz “Txiki”, the general secretary of ELA.

The heads of the social and communication divisions, Mikel Noval and Patxi Agirrezabala, accompanied the General Secretary at the launch in Bilbao. The ELA leaders stressed that this campaign sought “to situate the attack on wages and jobs, and spotlight its disastrous social and economic consequences”. They therefore recalled that “the current crisis period is being used to worsen working conditions”. “Unemployment is being used to generate fear and to continue making cuts,” pointed out Muñoz.

ELA reiterated its proposals to address the recession and which are aimed at creating decent jobs and increasing purchasing power.

Muñoz also stressed that “the trade union organisation is key to defend the interests of the workers” and advocated for “social and trade union mobilisation”.