For a law that guarantees minimum conditions in the public sector

Jan 13, 2014
ELA is driving a Popular Legislative Initiative (PLI) that, once declared admissible, will require 30,000 signatures to be collected in support of ensuring jobs and minimum conditions in the subcontractor companies of the public sector.

A PLI is the main instrument for grassroots participation in the legislative branch of political life. It involves implementing a process by means of which citizens urge parliament to approve legislation on an area that is non-regulated so far.

 ELA is proposing the legal obligation that all the tender specifications published include social clauses, such as:

1. The right to subrogation of the subcontracted workers given any type of company change.

2. Guaranteed minimum salary and working conditions, such as those of the existing current sectoral agreement or those of the last one in force when the sectoral agreement has not been renewed.

3. Penalties for companies in breach of the above requirements and others related to the employer's obligations for its workers.

The decision as to whether or not accept this proposal is in the hands of the Basque parliament.

This is an opportunity for the consequences of the successive labour reforms and of collective bargaining to be avoided in the subcontracted public sector.