General Strike on 30 May

Apr 19, 2013
ELA along with the trade unions LAB, ESK, STEE-EILAS, EHNE, HIRU, CGT and CNT, and dozens of social organizations, have called a general strike on 30 May.

The General Secretary of ELA Adolfo Muñoz, Txiki, stressed the need and the importance of this new call against policies that are plunging the real economy and the employment. Faced with the attacks that affect jobs, wages, pensions, social benefits, budgets that take us to a recession, unfair taxation etc. "we are bound to propose alternative policies and fight for them.The general strike is the only hope of the losers in this crisis."

The announcement was made today afternoon in Bilbao with representatives of the trade unions and social organizations that called the strike, stressing the need to mobilize in defence of social and labor rights.