Joint response against the arrest of members of "Herrira"

Oct 01, 2013
Representatives of different political parties, unions - including ELA- and social organizations have called a demonstration for Saturday 5th October, to express the rejection that the action against Herrira has generated in Basque society and to express their solidarity with the prisoners and demand their immediate release.

ELA, along with the rest of the organizers, expresses its firm opposition to the political decision that inspired the arrest of the members of the association Herrira (an association supporting Basques prisoners and focused on human rights and peace process). A decision that violates the most basic democratic rights and freedoms while seeking to obstruct the political work of a large segment of the Basque society. Herrira is a well known organization in Basque Country: it acts openly, it relates and seeks the collaboration with many social and political organizations and all its initiatives have three characteristics that seem essential to emphasize at this time: they are peaceful initiatives, have sought the plurality based on understanding, and have always tried to defend human rights.
Among other reactions the "Basque Friendship (group of MEPs who supports a peace process in the Basque Country), considers that the operation ordered against Herrira "is an absolute violation of democratic freedoms and a serious violation of human rights such as freedom of ass
ociation or freedom of expression. "