Muñoz: “Corruption is a structural aspect of the system, which puts the relationship between economics and politics in the spotlight”

Feb 06, 2013
On Monday 4 February, people gathered in front of the Sub-delegation of the Spanish Government in Plaza Moyua in Bilbao calling for the immediate accountability of those responsible in the ruling People’s Party (PP) government.


ELA has denounced the collusion between politics and the economic powers and has stressed that “whoever applies Madrid’s austerity measures is applying cuts imposed by corrupt politicians".

We have repeatedly denounced politics’ compliance with capital and the extremely tough austerity measures being implemented. We have criticised the existence of different degrees of corruption and that is not merely anecdotal. We believe that it is a structural issue that explains everything that is happening. The crisis goes beyond social and economic aspects and is affecting politics and even democracy itself.

The information published recently is proof of how the major corporations that the government has benefited with their decisions to pay the PP for services rendered so that they can remunerate its ruling elite. The leading fortunes in Spain have been doing this for years.

No political leader who has received these payments should continue in a post of political responsibility for one minute longer.

In a minimally democratic country, such serious facts as these should lead to the resignation of the government and the start of an independent judicial enquiry to establish accountability. That is what we are calling for. We cannot look on impassively at the political breakdown and the democratic degradation we are witnessing and at how capital is using that political class to destroy labour and social rights.

Those same people are those who are going to shortly justify a new and really tough pension reform, to give one example. Will they dare? Of course, if we let them.