Muñoz: “If the cuts continue, there will be further social mobilisation”

Jan 08, 2013
On 23 and 24 January, ELA will hold its XIII Confederal Congress under the slogan of Lankidetu, where it seeks to stress the need for trade unionisation and the ties with the trade union at this “tremendously tough” time where unemployment and poverty are soaring in our society. The ELA General Secretary has therefore stressed that there will be more social mobilisations if the cuts continue. “It is completely misleading that cuts are the only way to tackle the crisis”.


On 2 July, the National Committee authorised the list of members and posts of the Executive Committee that it will put to Congress for its ratification. There are no changes to the members on the list, but rather to their posts: Leire Txakartegi has been proposed to take forward the Immigration Division (which has been under MitxelLakuntza up until now), along with the recently created Unemployment Division.

When presenting the Congress, Adolfo Muñoz “Txiki”, was accompanied by the Deputy General Secretary, Amaia Muñoa, and the members of the Executive, Patxi Agirrezabala, Leire Txakartegi, Xabi Anza and MitxelLakuntza.

Muñoz pointed out that if the new Basque Government continues with the austerity measures, “there is going to be social mobilisation”. He therefore stressed that the elections held in Catalonia last Sunday have shown that “there is a price to pay for the cuts, a price to pay at the ballot box and that has happened here and is going to continue happening”.

The 736 delegates at the Congress will have to assess the management over the last four year, approve the keynote speech and the congress resolutions, and elect the new executive committee.