Novaltia – 900 days on strike

Jan 07, 2022
The longest strike in Europe continues owing to the refusal by the company’s management to negotiate and to the fact that the Labour Inspection Authority has refused to pursue and seriously sanction the company for its constant violations of the strikers’ rights.


On the 7th of January, 2022, Novaltia’s workers have been on strike for 900 days. Novaltia is a cooperative company, with approximately 200 pharmacy members in Bizkaia. Over the past 3 years, it has made 3.2 million euros in profits. The management of Novaltia, located in Zaragoza, removed the company agreement three years ago. It pays 950 euros a month and has been doing everything it can, since the start of the strike, to replace the strikers with the permission of the Labour Inspection Authority.

Even so, in 2022, the strikers continue to stand firm in their fight, holding out and continuing with the longest strike in Europe, rallying every day and demanding, once and for all, the management of Novaltia to sit down to negotiate an agreement that could bring an end to the job insecurity they are suffering from.