The Basque trade union majority is joining the feminist strike called by the Basque feminist movement on the 8th of March

Feb 08, 2018
The trade unions that form the Basque trade union majority, ELA, LAB, STEILAS, ESK, Hiru and EHNE Bizkaia, are joining the feminist strike that has been presented by the Basque feminist movement.

On the 8th of March, for the first time in the Basque Country, a feminist strike is going to be held, under the slogan of “Emakumeok* planto”. As has been confirmed at its presentation, this is “a feminist strike that goes beyond all the limits”, referring to a historic strike that will go beyond the production area; it has also been planned for the care and consumer areas. The message is clear: “if all women stop, the system would collapse, it would stop working”. Under the slogan of “Emakumeok* planto”, they have called all women to stop this day, to stop producing and reproducing, to demonstrate their claim “the economic model that crushes women, the male violence that beats us, the racism that points at us and the patriarchal culture that stereotypes and objectifies women”. The Basque trade union majority has joined this.

To reflect this collapse of the system, different halts are planned. Firstly, in companies and workplaces. Specifically, two halts of four hours will be carried out (11 am – 3 pm and 6 pm -10 pm). On the 6th of February at 11 am and on the 7th of February at the same time in Iruñea, the trade unions will register these strikes.

However, as this is a strike with the idea of trespassing the limits of the work area, it has also been called in the area of unpaid care work: the 8th of March comes to a halt.