The Constitutional Court once again opens the door to fracking

Feb 08, 2018
ELA denounces that the lack of energy sovereignty is imposing an unsustainable model onto us, favouring fracking. The Constitutional Court has declared the Basque Antifracking Law to be unconstitutional and has cancelled part of its articles, due to the fact that no jurisdiction is held on the subject. We should remind that this Law came as a result of a Popular Legislative Initiative, which collected over 100,000 signatures supporting it, leading the Basque Parliament to pass this Law.


This response by the Spanish State is clear evidence that it continues to favour an unsustainable energy model, based on reinforcing the use of fossil fuels. This model goes against the necessary energy sovereignty that citizens and peoples have to be able to decide which energy we consume and how we want it to be generated. It is a new strike against renewable energies, at the same time as once again, opening the door to energies that time and again we have rejected.

Against these blows, ELA will continue defending and participating in the alternatives to the current unfair energy system based on polluting energies, alternatives that lead us towards a fair, sustainable energy system.