The effects of COVID-19 worsen the economic and social crisis and increase unemployment

Sep 14, 2020
Data published by the Public Employment Service shows that the number of unemployed people registered in Hego Euskal Herria (HEH) one again has grown and the figure now reaches 85,420. Since the start of the health crisis unemployment has risen by 34,000 people. ELA underscores that the effects of COVID-19 have worsened the latent economic and social crisis that existed before the pandemic. A substantial change is needed in the policies that are being applied. Now more than ever, ELA emphasises that employment must be defended by fighting for working conditions and for a fair distribution of wealth.


Once again, the economic crisis is destroying employment in HEH and in July, there was a rise by 2,012 people rise in unemployment, meaning a 1.1% increase. However, the figures for August show mixed results in Navarra and in the ACBC. Whilst in the ACBC unemployment rose by 3,090 people (+%2.16), in Navarra it dropped for the third month running, this time by 1,078 people (-%2.69).

In interannual terms, in relation to the month of August, 2019, the rise in unemployment reaches 26% according to the data provided by the Ministry of Work. In figures, there are currently 38,000 more unemployed people than a year ago in Hego Euskal Herria.

In the ACBC, the sectors that have been most affected by the rise in unemployment are the service sector (+1,728) and industry (+502). In Navarra, on the other hand, unemployment dropped in all the sectors, except for the building sector.

Regarding contracts, in HEH in August a total of 68,950 were signed, therefore there 20,795 fewer contracts than in July. In comparison with August 2019, there were 27,393 fewer contracts signed. The temporary nature of the contracts continues to be very high, reaching almost 94% of the contracts signed in August.