The First of May, life at the centre

May 06, 2019
In view of the current capitalist model that is prevailing all over the world, ELA wants to put life at the centre, and its slogan for the First of May has this in mind, `Bizitza da lehena. Our lives up against the capital’. The two are incompatible, and in ELA we are clear that we must stand up to the capital, putting life at the centre.

As in previous years, ELA will celebrate the First of May in Bilbao and Iruñea, where the trade union will put the emphasis on building another economic, social and political model that puts life at the centre. The event in Bilbao will take place at 11.45 am at the Sagrado Corazón; in Iruñea, on the other hand, it will start at 12 noon at the Plaza de la Cruz.

Vindications... and celebration

The First of May is, without any doubt, a day of vindication, an unmissable event where we shout out our pride in belonging to the working classes from the rooftops. However, it is also a holiday. Therefore, after the demonstrations taking place in Bilbao and Iruñea at midday, we will meet up for lunch at el Arenal (Bilbao) and in Labrit (Iruñea).