The National Committee nominates Mitxel Lakuntza to take over from Txiki Muñoz as general secretary of ELA

Jan 03, 2019
ELA’s National Committee will put forward Mitxel Lakuntza to take over from Txiki Muñoz as the new general secretary of the trade union. As should be remembered, Txiki Muñoz’s term ends in 2019 due to reasons of his age, as marked out by the organisation’s statutes. With this in mind, it is up to the National Committee (the body that joins the Executive Committee and the people in charge of the regions and the federations), to put forward a nomination, in this case specifically, Mitxel Lakuntza.

In this case, the decision will officially be made at an extraordinary congress and this call will take place this week at the National Council (the maximum entity of ELA between congresses). If the call is passed, the congress will be held at the Kursaal de Donostia on the 5th of April, 2019. This is when the complete proposal for renewing the National Executive Committee (a 12 member body) will be voted. Given that Txiki Muñoz will leave his positions in the organisation, his position on the Executive Committee must be covered by someone else and the National Committee is proposing Maialen Aranburu for this.

Therefore, in Donostia the full list of the Executive Committee will be voted, including the new general secretary: Mitxel Lakuntza, Amaia Muñoa (deputy general secretary), Amaia Aierbe, Xabi Anza, Maialen Aranburu, Iván Giménez, Laura González de Txabarri, Pello Igeregi, Mikel Noval, Leire Txakartegi, Eustakio Uranga and Joseba Villarreal.

Mitxel Lakuntza Vicario (Pamplona-Iruñea, 1976) is the current coordinator for ELA-Nafarroa (in 2004 he took the position over from José Mari Otaegi) and he is a member of the Executive Committee. He is an electronics technician and has been a member of ELA since 1999, when he worked at Gamesa. He was also the ELA delegate in the aforementioned company and he entered the trade union structure in 2001, as the person in charge of the Hainbat federation.

On the other hand, Maialen Aranburu Zinkunegi (Lasarte-Oria, 1985) would enter the Executive Committee to take charge of the Social Action area. She is a graduate in Social and Cultural Anthropology and is qualified in Social Work. She also has a master in feminism and gender studies. She entered ELA’s structure in 2016 and has held.