The staff at the Azkuna Zentroa Media Library in Bilbao reaches an agreement to bring an end to their strike

Jul 18, 2018
The staff at the Azkuna Zentroa Media Library, representatives from the contracted companies and representatives from Azkuna Zentroa, have signed an agreement to bring an end to the 38 day-long strike supported by the workers and that has meant the closure of the Media Library.

The agreement means the acceptance of the Vizcaya region’s social intervention agreement as the legal regulating framework for their working conditions. Amongst other points, it involves guaranteeing jobs through subrogation when faced with company changes, a shorter working day than the current one, with a reduction of around 79 hours per year and some very important salary increases, which bring an end to a situation of exploitation and job insecurity.

ELA congratulates the staff, 25 people, mainly women, for the struggle they have led and encourage other groups in the same situation to organise themselves in order to change their situation.