Uncompromising repudiation of the Troika's presence en Bilbao

Mar 10, 2014
Thousands of demonstrators walked through the streets of Bilbao on the 3rd of March to show their repudiation of the presence of the heads of the Troika in Bilbao to attend the “Global Forum Spain”. This meeting brought together people from the highest echelons responsible for the policies that are leading us to impoverishment; the representatives of the neoliberal consensus.

Against them, the over 10,000 demonstrators called together by the platform GUNE, of which ELA forms part, called for a radical change in these policies that only lead to inequality, poverty, social break down, insecurity and authoritarianism. The demonstration, which passed peacefully through the streets of Bilbao, was broken up by the intervention of an outside group that caused incidents and regrettably, once again, the news broadcasts concentrated on these facts, pushing to one side the thousands of demonstrators who legitimately came out onto the streets to defend their rights.

In spite of the popular outcry, the participants in the Forum continued to repeat their lies and their failed recipes; Whilst Rajoy talked about "Recovery", Christine Lagarde asked for more labour reforms and for indirect taxes to be raised. Not to be outdone, the OECD talked about the need to “improve productivity”.

Once again, the incredible distance between the powers that be and the population in general was made obvious. Aware that agreement is not possible with them, we reaffirm our position that only by social mobilisation will the essential contradictions be created for change.